Download Mastercam X7 Design Training Course for Engineer


Mastercam X7 Design Training Course is for Engineer, Student who want to learn about drawing 2-3D in mastercam X7.  With many years experience, we will instruct you details about step by step how to use Mastercam Design with each command.



Download Mastercam X7 Design Training Course for Engineer

Link download Mastercam X7 Design video tutorial

Mastercam X7 Design Training Course

Mastercam X7 Design Training Course

Mastercam Design is a computer-aided design solution that simplifies the creation of even the most complex parts with a robust suite of CAD tools. Design is included with Mastercam’s suite of CAM solutions. It is also available as a standalone product.
From fixing flaws in an imported model, to creating fixtures for work holding on a machine-and so much more, this powerful CAD engine includes modeling and prep tools for CAM programmers to get parts on and off machines quickly.
Comprehensive CAD platform.
Direct modeling, file import functionality, and model prep.
CAD for CAM supports production efficiency.
1) 2D- Sketch
Introduction about solid design
Point type
Line type
Arc type
Retangle – retangular shapes
Polygon – Elipes – Spiral – Helixcal
Fillet – Chamfer
Spline type
Exercise 2
2) Solid
Primitives-Bouding box
Shell-Boolean add-Boolean remove-Boolean common-Draft
Remove solid faces- Solid trim
Pattern type
3) Modify
Trim 2D
Others Edit
Xform translate
Xform Dynamic
Xform rotate
Xform mirror – scale
Xform offset contour-offset-project
Xform retangular array- stretch- Draft-Delete-delete duplicate
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Surface design


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